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Our Mission

Work for the cause and care of disadvantaged people by providing health awareness, health education, and job placement opportunities in the healthcare field.

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We are positively Changing Lives by intensely developing new ways to impact the world.

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Touch lives and uplift communities through training and educational services.

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Our community education and job placement outreach program allows multiple training opportunities.


Your donation will assist students with transportation cost,  uniforms, books and supplies to Educational Services


Allied Communities Changing Lives

Iye Kargbo is a young entrepreneur in the area of healthcare, community service, and education. She is currently the co-owner of FAKS Allied Health Education Center, a medical training school in College Park, GA. She is also the Co-Owner of Allied Health Services Georgia where she assists seniors in obtaining homecare services. She has previously worked as a Registered Nurse at Northside Hospital and Anchor Hospital.

She is originally from Sierra Leone, West Africa. She obtained her Bachelors of Nursing from Georgia Southwestern State University, and she has continued her quest to serve her community. She motivates students to reach their highest educational/life potential. She organizes job fairs and aligns individuals in the Atlanta / Metro-Atlanta area with employment in the healthcare setting.

Ms. Kargbo constructs her life by the words of Mahatma Gandhi, "Be the change you wish to see in the world.



Upcoming Training

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  • Jan 5
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Basic Computer Training

It can be intimidating when you at first approach a computer.  What is a mouse?  These and other questions can be answered responsively.  We will show you all the basic computer functions to empower you. The computer keyboard has a very similar feel of a typew...
  • Jan 15
  • Free

Soft Skills Training

ACCL is uniquely qualified to train you to be your best in the health care industry. Helping you go over and beyond what’s expected of you. Students will be stimulated by a professional and personable approach to leaning. We create a perfect environment for li...

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People learn using a variety of methods, visual learner, auditory learner, read-write learner and kinesthetic Learner. Which learner are you? ACCL focuses your best attributes so you can be well on your way to a new career.




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